The following stocks represent my assessment of the best portfolio to exploit the enormous growth prospects inherent in the recognizable future of science, technology, business and culture over the next 10 years.

Online Movies, Doubling of Internet Users, Increased Unemployment and Leisure Time

3d Printing

Rationale: This article 3d Printing – Bust Before The Boom? written by me in 2014, turned out to be prescient. 3D stocks plunged since then , dropping 80% back to their bubble lows, just as I predicted. Now should be the time to get in again, as we enter the “product stage” of the technology cycle.
GE And Others Invest In Desktop Metal $115 Million Round

Many of the companies are still overvalued. Moreover, some of the most interesting companies are still not publicly traded. (Desktop Metal) . So the investment play is to buy the suppliers of the raw materials that will boom along with internet printing, no matter who the dominant internet printing companies eventually turn out to be. There is one such company that is publicly traded, solid, profitable and is well entrenched in the provision of metallic powders used in three 3 printing processes:


Rationale: Over the next 10 years it is projected that over 50% of current professions will be eliminated or acutely transformed by the impact of robotics and computers. Already, growth rates of 10% – 30% per year are being measured in the robotics sector. (source) . While this trend is viewed by alarm by many thinking of its impact on the middle class workers, others see the promise of these technologies in permitting continued growth in the aging economies of Russia, Japan, China and Europe. In fact, in some countries such as Japan, this is considered the only hope of being able to sustain the country’s stretched social network system as its demographic ratios continue to seriously decline.


Rationale: The fiber optics market is driven by the increasing demand for the Internet and growing FTTx networks. The Internet has gained importance with the rising demand for cloud computing, data transfer & storage, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Advances in technology to meet the growing demands from the Internet are expected to provide high growth opportunities to the fiber optics market. However, growth in the wireless communication systems market is expected to be a restraint, which could hinder the growth of the fiber optics market as these are considered alternatives to the use of fiber optics.

5G Technologies

Rationale: As the internet-of-things continues to emerge around us, the need for expanded bandwidth and higher speed networks becomes imperative. With the ability to deliver data at speeds up to 100 times faster than 4G technologies, consuming 90% less energy, 5G technologies are the solution, and will become the dominant communications paradyme.


Rationale: We ain’t getting younger, and nobody likes it!

The Science:

Can We Really Rejuvenate Cells?


Rationale: With biotech stocks having soared as much as 400% in the last 10 years, one might think it is too late to invest in this sector. Nothing could be further from the truth. Recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, cas9-crisper gene editing, computer-simulation and visualization, materials science and nano-technology have opened up whole new areas of mind-bending medical pursuits that will dramatically impact the fields of disease treatment and life-extension.
Amonth the numerous startups, it is exceedingly difficult to separate the winners from the losers in this fast-paced field. Some will grow by thousands of percentages, more will flop into bankruptcy. Our approach is to invest in the deep-pocketed, well-connected behemoths of the industry that have the ability to buy up the most successful startups before these even go public. We believe continued growth rates of 20%-30% are altogether viable.

Battery Technology

Plunging Cost Curve of Lithium Ion Battery

Self Driving Cars and Ride Sharing

Rationale: Within 10 years, electric vehicles will have past the tipping point with gas-powered vehicles. EV’s will cost the consumer less to buy, and a fraction of the cost (1/10 th to 1/20th ) to maintain. This is clearly explained in the following video.
Clean Disruption – Why Energy & Transportation will be Obsolete by 2030

  • Winners: ride-sharing companies recharging stations , AVS technology providers,online retailers, delivery services, urban communities, car rental companies
  • Losers: OIL reserve companies , oil storage companies , tankers ,taxi drivers, truck drivers, mechanics,
    big-box retailers, shopping centers, rural communities, parking garages
  • Possible stock candidates are Tesla (TSLA) , BYD Company Ltd (OTCPK:BYDDF), Panasonic, Albermarle and others. However caution must be taken in not overpaying for some of these high-flying stocks.

Artificial Intelligence

Rationale: Artificial Intelligence is essentially the ability of computers to learn new things without being given specific instructions by their software programmers. This capacity is growing at a geometric pace, to the point where Kurzweil and others predict that computers will achieve human level intelligence by the year 2029.

We believe this trend is already significant, and will only accelerate. In fact, this author has written automated stock selection and trading programs that rely on computer self-learning capabilities.

Several companies are poised to benefit from this trend, but many have already been bid to stratospheric levels (NVDA) which make them less attractive investment candidates. One company, NXP Technologies, that makes many of the chips to run the supercomputers at the heart of the AI boom, is still at a reasonable valuation.

Moreover, as this article explains, it is the source of a bidding war. Activist Investors At Work With NXP Semiconductors?. Qualcomm may or may not pursue a higher bid, but we believe this company will be lapped up by one of the big boys in short order, and would be surprised if that did not result in a sudden price increase of 15% or more. Even if the hostile takeover fails, the company has great growth prospects and the stock is likely to rise on its own merits while being nudged forward by gale-force tailwinds.

Solar Energy

In a previous piece The Sun Also Rises, I described in a lot of depth why the next decade will see a dramatic replacement of traditional fuel sources by energy derived primarily from the sun.

Solar Trends

Today, in 2017, in some sunnier parts of the world, solar energy is already the cheapest power source out there, even without government subsidies. India is averaging a mind-blowing low of 65 cents per KW This trend will continue unabated, and will only be slowed down, but not reversed, by nationalistic anti-trade policies.

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