Serge d'Adesky
The Strategic Investor, Serge d’Adesky, is the author of Great Investment Strategies. Serge left the employment of a large Wall Street brokerage firm in 2010, to found Northstar Strategic Investments, Inc, an Investment Advisor firm regulated by the State of Florida. Unfettered by the need to please corporate sensitivities, Serge is now free to write this financial blog with candor, a twist of irreverence and no limits beyond those that common sense, his own intellect , and of course, SEC regulations, dictate.

His investment background was piqued by his studies of economics at Yale University , from which he graduated in the late 70’s with a major in Political Science and a minor in Economics. The Strategic Investor then went on to a master’s in international economics from Washington’s School of Advanced International Studies. After spending a few years galavanting about Italy, France and Germany as a freelance journalist for the Chicago Sun Times, the Strategic Investor started in the finance industry in 1987, obtaining his brokerage and insurance licenses.

His timing was decidedly off. Two weeks after he passed his series 7 brokerage exam, on the 19th October, 1987, the largest one-day percentage decline in recorded stock market history, now known as Black Monday, pummeled the markets. This sent the major exchanges reeling. It was months before stock portfolios would recover, and years before investors’ nerves would settle.

Perhaps it is this baptism by fire that led the Strategic Investor to harbor a healthy skepticism of common investment philosophies. He also intensified his research to seek a more profound understanding of the underpinnings of the financial markets.

The Strategic Investor’s approach to investments starts from a global, macro-economic perspective, attempting to identify and understand the major forces affecting global economies, and shaping the very environments in which companies and governments must compete, prosper or perish.

From there, the Strategic Investor identifies the fiscal, political and conjunctural forces that will cause certain sectors of the economy, or certain regions of the world, to prosper while others lag behind.

Consequently, the Strategic Investor’s basic investment philosophy does not follow a “buy-and-hold-forever, spread-your-eggs-out-over-all-baskets” orientation. Rather it is an approach that begins with identifying the broader economic trends, and shifting assets into the best investments in those areas. This approach led the Strategic Investor to start exiting his growth positions in the equity markets in late 2007, and take refuge in government bonds. It also pushed him into selected commodity positions in early 2009, after those markets had collapsed and were bottoming out.

The Strategic Investor has developed this website to give wings to his passion for investments. The site is intended as an intellectual playground, centered around the proposition that a careful study of market phenomena, human psychology, business underpinnings and economic fundamentals can lead to significantly improved investment results. How much better? Keep on reading and take careful notes!