Micron – Riding the Artifical Intelligence Wave

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How do you benefit from the likely growth of AI (Artificial Intelligence), Gaming, assisted reality applications, and driverless car technologies? Buy the companies that produce the technologies at the heart of these applications.

As one web commentator put it succinctly, this market is dominated by a few players. “Intel and Micron are the only companies that have the know how to manufacture 3D Xpoint… DRAM market is controlled by Samsung, Micron and SK Hynix.. … this sector is totally controlled by just few players and no one else is even close.”

This post makes the case for Micron.
1) NAND will be the backbone storage system for the avalanche of new data produced by the Internet of Things. Other technologies will play important roles, but NAND will be dominant over at least a decade.
Projected NAND growth
2) NAND supply will seriously lag demand, forcing prices higher, and richly rewarding leading NAND producers.

3) Micron is will poised to dominate this sector, along with Samsung and 5K Hynix.

I want to give credit to one of my Seeking Alpha colleagues “Truth Investor” for his great analysis of this stock : DRAM strength and Micron Be sure to read more on this company there.

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